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Make your landscape photo unique, Using Magic Landscape Filter!
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16 April 2009

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When we go on any excursion we usually store all our memories in form of striking snapshots. These snapshots let us to relive the joy and pleasure of that time. But, poor image quality can altogether ruin this experience. Thus, it’s necessary for you to enhance your images in a manner so as to keep them in refreshing condition for a longer time. Well, you needn’t waste time searching image enhancement tool through various websites, as Magic Landscape Filter 1.1 application can help performing the task without any complexity involved. The utility consists of easy to set filters that would entirely change the appearance of your images making them look vivid and attractive. It lets you convert your pictures into professional reversal film images making them similar to images shot by professional photographers.

The Magic Landscape Filter 1.1 on launch presents a simple console that is integrated with image filters. Now to begin the process you need to load individual or multiple images with the program for applying the filter effects. The selected images are displayed with upper panel on the console, and the selected can be seen in the image preview area. The filters integrated with the program are Chroma, Brightness and Grayscale mode, which can be set to make the image look vivid and vibrant. You can easily increase the Chroma and brightness levels, along with enabling the Grayscale Mode to give your images entirely new look. The immediate effect of the changes made to the filters would be shown simultaneously with preview area. This helps you in getting an idea about to what level you have to set the provided filters. After making the necessary changes, either you can save the output individually or batch process the entire selected images for immediate results.

Magic Landscape Filter 1.1 supports you in enhancing your images by making suitable adjustments in chroma, brightness levels, and enabling grayscale. The utility has justifiably been rated with 3 points for its efficient features in addition to its overall good performance.

Publisher's description

Make your landscape photo unique, Using Magic Landscape Filter! Magic Landscape Filter is a professional and easy to use reversal film simulation filter software that can make your landscape photo more colorful and more vividly!
As we known reversal film are chosen by professional photographer, because it can offer better color reproduction. Through Magic Landscape Filter, you can convert your photo to professional reversal film photo in a few click!
1. Increase chroma,brightness for your landscape photo.
2. Intuitive user interface.
3. Batch processing function.
Magic Landscape Filter
Magic Landscape Filter
Version 1.1
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